Borage & Thai Basil

Borage, a garden “alien,” is an herb that grows freely among the rows, borders and raised beds here.  It’s a great companion plant, especially for squash, tomatoes and strawberries, and attracts pollinators to the garden.  Its beautifully unique blue or purple-hued flowers are one of the few “blues” that are edible, as are its fuzzy leaves.  It grows fairly tall and can get top heavy with buds and flowers, spindly or gangly-looking if planted as a standalone, but mine are always interspersed among the crops and other flowers so as to showcase the dainty edible flowers.
garden alien
2010 Borage BudsBumblin 'round the borage

IMG_4018borage candiedborage candied setupIMG_4022


I’m a Farm Wife… and I hate GMOs.

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gmo corn

I’m a Farm Wife. And I Hate GMOs.

I’m a farm wife – of a grain farmer. A GMO grain farmer. There’s been a lot of heated debates about GMOs lately, as there should be, and it seems like I hear the same things repeated over and over in our agricultural community. If you’re against GMOs, you’re against farmers. If you’re against GMOs, you must be some yuppie woman from the city who drops her children off at their charter school, hits up her organic market, and goes back to her 7th floor flat to practice her internet activism against GMOs. If you are that mom, no offense, and the movement can certainly use you, provided that you really do your research and don’t quote things from NaturalNews without first making sure they are entirely unbiased and true. 🙂

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves agriculture…

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